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“GET PAID IN BITCOIN AND ETHEREUM” instantly for your referrals when people go to the site. 

Invest With Us

First of it’s kind. Blockchain referral company. We get paid to promote our Blockchain and G999 coins. 


Now you can spend your Crypto currency with our GS Lifestyle Mastercard. Get paid with every swipe. 


Welcome to TEAMLOVE

Step 1: Login to your account at
Step 2: Acquire $200 of Bitcoin via CashApp (or other app used in your country)
Step 3: Deposit your BTC into your GSPartners BTC Wallet.
Step 4: Exchange BTC for the Brand Advantage Package
Step 5: Send your referral link to everyone you know.
Step 6: Join the WealthBuildersWorldwide Telegram Group at

For all Inquiries about Advertising with Us, Please Email:
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